What to replace coal with?

Despite the drastic development of civilization, the introduction of innovation, the application of modernity, freshness and comfort – ecology is still in a state of real danger. Few people realize that the natural environment, that is, everything that surrounds us and what we breathe, where we walk, what we celebrate, watch and thanks to which we live, can transform into a deadly trap. Nearly 40% of the world’s population lives in areas with limited access or deliberately decides to give up the use of modern, efficient, non-invasive and, above all, safe energy sources for their life and health. A perspective and open world for everyone – it’s a world free of burning high-emission and pathogenic high-carbon fuels. We must be responsible for our planet to create opportunities for ourselves, our families and future generations and a place to do so. It’s worth deepening your self-awareness and paying attention to what you use every day, especially when you use energy. Emergency rescue in the form of taking vitamins and minerals – can help, but will not save the environment and humanity, so what to replace with coal?

Ecological solutions for the future

There is no doubt that it’s the heavy and invasive coal, which significantly contributes to air pollution and the formation of many cancers, as well as those that are directly related to the respiratory system – in recent years has been the most popular and the cheapest method of obtaining energy. Today, we have no time or opportunity to wait for a change in the situation – we must act. Coal burning must end when we hear about growing smog, children born with genetic mutations, an increase in disease and infections, fish and animal fever – we do not realize that these are the consequences of our choice or consent to this type of procedure. We are moving away from the fact that something terrible, a personal tragedy caused by burning coal and using it as the main source of energy can happen to us. There are many alternatives that will allow us to live healthier, breathe more cleanly – save the planet and humanity from destruction. Fuel oil or natural gas – slightly more expensive solutions, but still available for many years. An increasing number of households, global corporations, companies, as well as administrative, governmental or diplomatic offices in the world – place priority on the implementation of ecological methods of obtaining energy, and hence, reducing the emission of lethal substances. For modern heating methods, which pose the least threat to the natural environment and for ourselves, we can include, for example, biomass, i.e. pellets, as well as an automatic heat pump. Pellets, which few people know, are nothing more than granular waste from trees, which are not only valuable as wood, but also a safe alternative that protects forests from felling. It should be added that using pellets and boilers intended for its distribution, we do not emit any CO2 gases to the environment, to the atmosphere (this is due to the specificity of construction of this type of equipment, and also due to the elemental composition of substances contained in wood waste).

In addition to biomass, a heat pump can be equally well regarded as a source of energy. Its varieties are diverse and rely on the synthesis as well as the natural processing of what the environment gave us. We can use, for example, an “air-water” solution, where the pumps draw energy from atmospheric air and are able to successfully provide sufficient energy through this operation (also by heating the water). It’s impossible to forget about air power plants and hydropower plants. The famous energy producing windmills are now found all over the world and are not only popular with tourists, but also environmentalists and people involved in the process of saving the comfort of their own lives, the condition of the lungs and everything that surrounds us every day.

As you can see – definitely you can act in harmony with nature, let’s look at air power plants, which, apart from a one-off investment of funds – now successfully earn on themselves and produce energy in a completely natural, healthy and safe way. Wind gusts, water currents – they cost nothing, are the result of changing weather conditions, and provide the world community with everything that they would not be able to survive without. Let’s remember that coal is our curse, it’s something that in the near future will annihilate the environment and ourselves. Today’s research suggests that the negative effects of using this type of energy can be observed in over 35% of humanity. It’s surprising, however, that we start to take care of ourselves and act only when what happens is actually preventing us from everyday life – maybe we should think about it before we touch something terrible, something we will be struggling with for the rest of our lives – maybe it’s worth to start working today?