Sustainability for competitive advantage

The Centre for Low Carbon Futures is a collaborative membership organisation that focuses on sustainability for competitive advantage, led by our Chief Executive Jon Price.

The Centre brings together engineers, natural scientists and social scientists responding to a set of global priorities on energy and climate change. We additionally shape research agendas through policy informed research questions.

We achieve this by providing the government and political interface for researchers and academics to take their research closer to delivery and by fostering collaborations with industry. In doing so we support the development of a portfolio of impact case studies supporting the research excellence framework and support the internationalisation strategy of our university members. 

To date we have developed relationships with governments, industry and universities in the UK, Asia, India, Indonesia and Latin America, providing the evidence base to inform policy formation and to reduce some of the uncertainties associated with public and private investments. We have also supported the development of a number of global projects to deliver technology and knowledge transfer through a variety of vehicles including technology demonstrators, innovation centres and capacity building activities. 

Formed by five UK universities, University of Birmingham, University of Hull, University of Leeds, University of Sheffield and University of York, our activities are funded by member funds, governments, industry, research councils and international agencies. Our Board is comprised of the Vice-Chancellors of the member universities, Sir Alan Langlands, University of Leeds; Professor Sir Keith Burnett, University of Sheffield; Professor Koen Lamberts, University of York; Professor David Eastwood, University of Birmingham; Professor Calie Pistorius, University of Hull and three independent non-executives. Since inception we have raised funds and leveraged flow of over £27m to our member institutions.


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Featured report

Food Security Near future projections of the impact of drought in Asia
Food Security: Near Future Projections of the Impact of Drought in Asia

This ground-breaking analysis from a lead IPCC author examines the probable impacts of climate change-driven drought on crop production across Asia in the 2020s, and assesses the vulnerability and adaptive capacity of each country.

Latest Game-changing Technologies Report

First 'game-changing technologies' report - Liquid Air Technologies, a guide to the potential.

Liquid air technologies is widely recognised as offering the potential to deliver reductions in fuel bills, air pollution and carbon emissions,while simultaneously boosting energy security and creating jobs.

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