Destruction of the natural environment – a vision of self-destruction of humanity

Man – a thinking being, feeling, moving. Each of us is different, unique, each of us has different plans, habits, values, characters and priorities. Finally, each of us has its own surroundings, in which there is a beloved family, friends, acquaintances, work, and school, well-known and favourite places. The problem is that, regardless of the uniqueness and uniqueness of the human being – the world is only one, the earth also. Natural environment, atmospheric air, good and bad effects of human behaviour – constitute a collective responsibility in which everyone is guilty and without consequences. Destruction of the natural environment, i.e. lack of care and attention to what we love the most, why we attribute the greatest value, what we know well – family, own health, friends, all our life and everything that concerns it. Destroying nature – we self-annihilate ourselves.


We, people, very often have a sense of impunity and individuality, that is, we recognize that only a legitimate interest remains our own and that a single instance of deviation from the norm will not cause disastrous consequences on such a vast land. We want to save, because coal is much cheaper, it does not matter to us that the release of CO2 into the atmosphere causes smog, mutations, cancer, respiratory diseases, pain, suffering and death. The most important thing remains the awareness of their actions, yet nowadays the healthy lifestyle, well-composed and varied diet, as well as supplementation and physical activity are very fashionable. We think that by using all of the above points we are maintaining health, strength and vitality, and by the way we are able to protect our loved ones from dangers and threats – unfortunately, no. Man is the cause and perpetrator of the degradation of the natural environment, that is what he lives in, where he walks, what he breathes, what he eats and drinks and what he touches. Without nature, after all, we would not be able to produce anything, create it because we would not have raw materials for it. Similarly, we would not be able to feed ourselves or satisfy our thirst, which would condemn us to certain and imminent death. Is full dependence on nature, on its regularity and ingredients – is not enough to protect it?

Alarming – about the presence of smog!

Recently, we hear more and more that almost the whole world is alarming about the presence of smog threatening human life. Smog is created as a result of the release of poisonous, lethal, invasive and pathogenic gases (usually CO2) into the atmosphere. What do you think, as a result of which these gases get into the air? Of course, this happens as a result of human actions, which are obviously thoughtless and irresponsible, but also surprising. It’s worth considering – why humanity alerts so much about smog, talks so much about it and is afraid of it because it knows what the consequences result from – and this is the reason for its production and mechanisms of action.