What is the degradation of the natural environment in the world?

Every day you wake up, open your eyes, take a deep breath, do certain activities, meet friends, work, learn, and have fun – you live. You are a human being to exist – you must breathe, sleep and eat. You like travelling? How often do you remember unforgettable trips with friends? Or maybe you have animals? It all creates us, all individual moments, millions of moments, better and worse days – this planet. Hardly anyone realizes how much cataclysm brings to themselves and future generations a human with their irresponsible act, which in the name of mindless savings and the desire to easily enrich themselves – destroys everything that is natural. We often do not understand that despite the fact that we love life, we ourselves annihilate ourselves. Every character, every person – you can change, rebuild every relationship, but we will not go back to life of animals that died in agony, there will be no more trees that have witnessed the most distant history, and finally – we will not restore life to those who have left because of for complications caused by environmental pollution. We should speak loudly and emphatically about the practices of destroying naturalness, the degradation of the world and the self-destruction of humanity, from which we humans are completely addicted. Let us not be selfish, let us remember that the destruction of the earth applies to all humanity and is a collective responsibility, it does not encompass only its single parts and that terrible consequences will affect all humanity, without any exceptions.

Coal – instead of ecological fuels

Coal is a raw material known and used for centuries. Of course, it’s the cheapest and most easily available among all other raw materials – but hence the most harmful. Using coal as the main source of energy causes a significant release of poisonous, pathogenic and lethal CO2 into the atmosphere and many other invasive gases. Of course, now the situation is changing and more and more conscious households, corporations and enterprises decide to use ecological fuels, if only because of higher profitability in future years, cleanliness and value. Nevertheless, there are still houses or enterprises in which coal is the source of energy. The incidence of its burning is usually explained by the lack of resources and possibilities to change something. Currently, however, many actions are conducted all over the world, which are also combined with co-financing for the use of ecological fuels – natural gas or pellets, instead of classic coal. We must be aware that ecological fuels such as pellets protect forests against felling and arise from granular wood waste, thus they do not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere, and their value resembles full-sized wood.

Forest and water – landfill, sewage

The degradation of the natural environment is also manifested in the form of mass pollution of forests and waters. We treat people both forests and water as a repository of unwanted waste, rubbish, used equipment, or unsold in bottle stores. Without any scruples, we come and throw away sacks or, in the case of companies and concerns, we pour sewage and faeces into the water. Nothing, nothing will happen, and the earth is too big to deal with it – and yet. Human action, self-destruction, waiting for death and suffering – are a terrible vision of the end of the world. Mass fever of fish and animals, as well as diseases of the airways and cancers in people, is the unpleasant consequences of such action, if it continues to be continued on such a scale – soon we will not be able to simply live. In this case, all dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals will be completely useless, because the level of lethal gases contained in the atmosphere will be too invasive.


The land, in the light of historical tales, was an infinite terrain, innumerable space that resembled one forest with a small clearance. Currently, this image, as we can guess, practically disappeared, because the forests may have remained with 10% of the original state. This state of affairs was caused by a man who wanted to trade, build houses, roads, businesses, wanted to smoke something, he just had such a “whim”. A certain section of patients and life-threatening trees is obviously understandable, but it’s worth considering whether – really – removing trees that were many times witnesses of history and which despite their age are able to preserve them, or their removal and planting of small seedlings will give something? Not really, after all, we do not want to walk among seedlings, but trees.